Hi! I’m Lady Cee Renee. Thanks for stopping by.

Who Am I?

Carolyn ‘Lady Cee’ Renee is the C.E.O.- (Creative Expressionist Owner) of CR The Brand, LLC from Brooklyn, New York. The Brand utilizes a 5 point system of connecting resources for unity with: 1) Theatre/Film Production through CR Production Co., *Link* 2) Cee Renee Says… Fashion Vlogging and Influencer Blog, 3) C.R.A.V.E. Cee Renee’s Awesome Vegan Eats Meal Boxes, 4) Healing Bath and Body Care- AIM2Heal *Link*  5) Social Media/Radio Personality. Her talents propel her to share her experiences through acting and modeling as a Petite, Hippy, Curvy Diva and recently as the Plus Model for Get This Wisdom Magazine. *Check it out*

Lady Cee’s talents include singing, cooking, writing and exemplifying beauty as the brand ambassador of CR The Brand. She moved to the St. Louis for public health, but found her true calling expressively creating artistic work. Cee enjoys using her voice to speak for the less fortunate advocating on important issues. She was the Lady of the house as radio personality with JJ and Ty on Agree2Disagree on KOVL Radio on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 5-7pm. (*Link*)

Lady Cee directs music videos like ‘I Want You’ for Hip Hop Artist Jarmel Reece which features Dave & Busters for a Date Night. (see video here: *YouTube*) She also starred as ‘Christine’ lead character in christian play-movie ‘The Wake Up Call Movie 2018’, set to be a huge hit in the film community to premiere in September 16th and 16th 2018 and was featured in the International Christian Film Festival in May 2018. (see trailer here: *Click*)

Lady Cee’s ultimate dreams are: to connect resources in her community for unified healing; to direct and/or star in a life changing movie role, play or sitcom; use her amazing voice to speak for the voice-less; all to ultimately be in service to her community through healing arts while being a light in the midst of the dark world. ~Namaste~

For more about how CR the Brand is out connecting resources, *Click Here*