“OH So you’re Vegan??!!”

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I’ve noticed only within the African-American community is it taboo to want to eat healthy or do anything that goes against the “traditional” ways of our culture. Let me tell you about it…. One day, I walked into a Chipotle and ordered the Sofritas (Tofu) Bowl and the girl making my order decides to give her opinion about the soy in it. Um, Did I ask her??? and did she have a comment to say about the person in front of us loading up on pork, queso and the works? Not at all. Her attitude continued as she gave me the wrong change and snapped at me. I was perturbed at the mistreatment and disgust at the service I was receiving. The manager overheard her and told her to take a break, because she was getting all flustered for no reason other than my requests were not meaty enough for her. Nonetheless, I kept my composure as the manager finished my 2nd order of sofritas veggie quesadilla with no cheese. (Hey its good, don’t knock it till you try it!)

Another incident occurred  to me when I stopped at a White castle to try their new veggie burger. The cashier proceeded to adamantly express that it would take 8 minutes to cook and do I really like vegetables or something because she doesn’t like the new veggie or black bean burgers. I looked around with a look, and said to myself, ” Who asked you? ” I ignored her and stated I’m vegan and kept it pushing.

My closest friends are vegan and we laugh and shake our heads at situations like these and wonder why is it so taboo to be different? Why are you shunned for wanting to take care of your health by eating right and taking care of your body? Conversely, let you start complaining about having diabetes and a heart attack and then everyone wanna pray for you??? Stop it! Come on! My People have to do better! I don’t push my ways on anyone, I live my life as an example. I am not perfect and no one is, so that is never the expectation. What I will do is help another sister or brother by suggesting ways to heal themselves as our Creator intended our bodies to do as with any of my holistic clients. I express that it is a process and to take it one day, step and decision at a time.

It took me 4 years to go full vegan. I started by becoming holistic certified and giving up pork, then red meat, then fowl, and last was seafood with intermittent fasting. (Man oh Man! I loved me some shrimp, lol! But I digress.) I wouldn’t suggest going cold turkey giving up everything and throwing away your refrigerator while trading it in for a garden tomorrow. Psychologically you will drive yourself up the wall from cravings and the moment you smell your favorite food, you will give in. Take your time, it is not a race, enjoy the process and find substitutes for the things you like. This way when you are all in, it is easier to maintain and the transition process is smoother.

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